You Ought to Be My Son, I Would Teach You Right from Wrong – Personal Statement Example

The paper "You Ought to Be My Son, I Would Teach You Right from Wrong" is a good example of a personal statement on creative writing. These words still ring in my mind each day as I strive to meet the standards of righteousness in the society. The events of that evening when my malicious actions landed me in your arms are still fresh in my memory. I do not understand the calmness that engulfed me as I walked with you to your house. I felt totally changed and filled with the spirit of readiness to accept wisdom as opposed to foolishness. Even as I waved you bye in nostalgic moods, I wished I had an opportunity to stay with you for a day or two. I feel a sense of continuous lose as it is now two years now since we parted and I have never seen your face.  I understand there are some details you could have wanted to know about me on that day, but you did not ask due to limited time and unwillingness to embarrass me. I reached a corridor where we call home at half-past eight. The corridor between the two largest enterprises in the city provided an excellent shelter where six of us had stayed for approximately nine months before I met you. Three months before, there was a girl aged fourteen who stayed with us, but she left us when she was seven months pregnant. The place we called home provided the only shelter; food was contingent upon individual effort. All members of this “family” had to be searched and all coins collected during the day counted. This money would be handed to Jim, who was our elder. Nobody knew where the purposes to which the money was spent.  I almost stepped into the corridor where canvas and polythene materials that we used as beddings were carelessly scattered. I remembered your final words, “behave yourself, boy.” This made me realize that I was not behaving. Your words revealed to me that I actually needed change. I remembered the hot water tap in your house. I recalled your kindness, generosity, and welcoming. Your magnificent house flashed through my minds at least thrice as I stood there like a scarecrow. I never entered that corridor where we lived. Instead, I wanted to build a house that would be slightly bigger than yours.  I did not submit the $10 you gave to me to our elder, Jim. I never bought blue suede shoes. I was sure that I had an uncle who stayed at a place where there was a railway station. I searched for his house. Two days later, I spotted him in the market. We went to his house. My cousins were still in lower classes. I helped them solve math problems. Everyone in the house realized that I had an excellent academic potential. I was enrolled in a nearby elementary school and registered for an exam to enable me to join high school. I wanted to work part-time. My uncle searched for me a job in a nearby factory. I usually earn as I learn. I can now buy myself several blue suede shoes. I want to become a neurosurgeon. After I achieve my dreams, I will build a home for my friends at the streets. All these will be possible because of your words, Mrs. Luella Bates. Thank you for transforming my world.