If the Mango Tree Could Speak – Movie Review Example

The paper "If the Mango Tree Could Speak" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts&film studies.
"If the Mango Tree Could Speak" is a 58-minute documentary made by Patricia Goudvis and William Turnley. It has been produced and filmed in El Salvador and Guatemala, Central America. It is a documentary about 12 boys and girls in Central America who have faced the ravages of the war that plague the region. The documentary is focused on the narratives of these 12 children, and the filmmaker’s narration of their origin and background. The children are the main "casts" who tell their individual stories, their pain, and loss and hopes they have of the future. These children are Diego who lives in a community which has killed his father; Dora who has to fight for her Mayan identity; Sebastian who hides from the army and guerillas; Chico who is looking for revenge for those who killed his relatives; Giovanni, who is a child soldier; Juan who has grown up in an orphanage, and Yesenia and Ana who are victims of war too. These children and their experiences demonstrate that regardless of the political, social and economic agendas inherent in wars, it is the children who are affected the most. These child victims at a very young age have to face violence even though they are school-going age. Moreover, they do not have the security and protection of a family world, which are their inherent right as humans. Exposed to conflict and political agendas, children are the innocent victims in every war and conflict areas of the world. The film may seem trivial in the presence of guerilla warfare, prostitution, drugs, ammunition trade and so on, nevertheless one come to realize that they are the future of Central America, being trodden over by the agendas of politicians, and their hopes dashed by the shadows of violence.