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Obedience to ity According to Fromm Fromm believes that disobedience enables an individual to gain freedom from dictatorship and strict control by authorities. Considering disobedience as a vice breaks the bond between man and nature. That makes man a unique being of different morals and values. An act of disobedience makes man to recollect himself by being dependent upon his or her powers while relating to the nature hence gaining full freedom. Disobedience caused the evolution and intellectual development of man. Human beings’ denial of powers that tend to turn down new discoveries promoted development within the society.
Fromm explains that history began in Eden after Adam and Eve disobeyed Gods commands (Fromm 684). Instead, they turned to performing other interests. Before their denial, Adam and Eve were part of nature. An example today is the case of child-parent relationships in today’s society. Disobedience to parents’ viewpoints that promote conventional knowledge supports discoveries and technological developments by children. The second example is of the changing leadership roles by leaders in governments. In most instances, young leaders do not show absolute compliance their bosses. Their disobedience is promoted by the urge to defend their positions and self-ego.
If a man obeys, he becomes responsible for an assigned duty to perform and answerable to a given authority on the development of the project hence being a slave. If a man disobeys, he becomes free from responsibility, independence, and turns to be termed as a rebel. Obedience gives power because of loyalty and collaboration with the authority, which is true because anyone obedient enjoys close rapport with higher authorities amassing power. The organization man lost the capacity to disobey, and he was not aware of his abeyance because of the balancing of future humanity and civilization.
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