Written Assignment #1 – Essay Example

1. Elvis Presley Elvis Presley indeed happened to be a celebrated musician and actor who accrued much fame in the 50s. The magic of Elvis spanned across the world of screen, radio and TV and even today he is acclaimed to be the top name in the world of Rock n Roll. Elvis came from an immensely humble working class background (Jeansonne, Luhrssen & Sokolovic 28). In early childhood he was quite influenced by the Gospel Music. His mother gifted him a guitar on his eleventh birthday and he registered an early success at a High School talent show (Jeansonne, Luhrssen & Sokolovic 19). He grabbed the attention of the owner of Sun Studio in 1953, who took the young singer and musician under his tutelage. He recorded his first single “That’s All Right” in 1954. In 1954 he started to accrue much fan following owing to his provocative and enticing Rock n Roll style and signed a deal with RCA Records. The same year he recorded his first No 1 single “Heartbreak Hotel”. His popularity provided him with much success in the world of silver screen, TV and radio. He also served in the army in Germany for a year and a half (Jeansonne, Luhrssen & Sokolovic 90). Besides being a Rock n Roll star, he acted in multiple successful movies also. However in the late 60s he came across many personal obstacles like a broken marriage, drug issues and weight gain. Still he remained popular with his fans and gave many acclaimed performances. He died of heart failure at an early age of 42. During his career Elvis recorded eighteen No 1 singles and bagged three Grammy Awards. He still remains one of the most celebrated Rock n Roll icons. Though he performed amongst many contemporary Rock n Roll singers like Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holley, it was the reckless, impetuous, impulsive and sexy persona of Elvis that placed him way ahead of them, besides his awesome music. He recorded more gold and platinum albums as compared to any of his contemporaries and did much popularize the Rock n Roll music. The other thing that set Elvis apart from his contemporaries was that he single handedly ruled most of the media genres be it film, radio or TV.
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2. Beatles
It is a fact that Beatles happened to be a Rock n Roll group that shaped a whole generation and even today continues to influence and move people with its music. They developed a musical style of their own and introduced much innovation in the world of Rock n Roll. Even many contemporary Rock n Roll groups continue to imitate Beatles. The affiliated to a humble Liverpool working class background and took over the world of Rock n Roll in a relatively short time. It was first in 1957 that John and Paul founded the band the Quarry Men (Baur & Baur 59). George Harrison joined the band as a guitarist in 1958. The band was looking for a bass player and a drummer and thereby Stu and Pete filled these posts consequently. In 1960 the band selected the name Beatles for itself (Baur & Baur 75). The Beatles were greatly influenced by American musicians and singers like Chuck Berry. In 1962 Stu left the band and thereby Paul filled the place of bass guitarist. Subsequently the band replaced Best with Ringo. The band recorded its first successful single “Love Me Do” in 1962. However it was the song “Please Please Me” that rose to the ranks of a number 1 hit. Having become a success in Britain, Beatles toured the US in 1964. Gradually the band members begin to grow apart and the band broke up in 1970. In their later years Beatles tried their hand at varied genres like pop, psychedelic, hard rock, and Indian music. Some of them got immensely influenced by Eastern religion and spiritual practices. However after 1970 they never performed as a band. Sadly the lead singer John Lennon was murdered in December 1980.
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