What Every American Needs To Know About Israel/Palestine – Essay Example

The paper "What Every American Needs To Know About Israel/Palestine" is an exceptional example of a history essay.
The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a major source of instability across the world. Israel enjoys United States support because the US is keen on promoting peace and ending the oppression by the Palestinian citizens towards the Jewish settlers. Palestine is a country that does not practice democracy as there are oppressions and persecution within the country.
US support the Jewish Israelis against the Muslim Christians living in Palestine because in Palestine there is no democracy and citizens are not guaranteed of equal status in the society. Secondly, Palestinians practice abominable oppression and persecution of Jewish settlers living a next to their territory. In addition, the oppression and persecution are also extended into segregation of the Palestinians citizens and Jewish settlers leading to the class emergence in the society. The Muslims Christians are also selfish as they promote cataclysmic warfare rather than promoting peace within the society.
The Palestine-Israeli conflict has a great impact on the US economy and diplomacy because not all parties around the world like Americas’ actions and aids to the Israelis. This poses a permanent threat to US because they are vulnerable to attacks from global jihadist terrorist who sympathizers with Palestine are. This will affect the economy as the US will be shattered forcing it to direct its revenues and profits again to the establishment of the economy. Secondly, US also stands to destroy its diplomacy with a majority of the Middle East countries who are sympathizers of Palestine and this may, in turn, affect the economy as the countries may be unwilling to perform trade activities with the US.
In conclusion, the war between Israel and Palestine is unhealthy since it creates tension and does not allow for the economic development of the countries. The war might also be a source of an outbreak of a major or world war as both countries have supporters aligned to their side and the decisions and activities of both sides can either affect the war positively or negatively.