Illegal Immigrants in the US – Essay Example

The paper "Illegal Immigrants in the US" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science. In 1942, the federal government of the US got into a bilateral agreement with Mexico (Murrin 793). Mexico then agreed to send some of its citizens to work in the US with an aim of reducing domestic unemployment. The pact extended to 1964 whereby after that more undocumented people not only Mexicans but from other regions globally started getting in the US. This is how the menace of undocumented both from other global states and from Mexico kicked off in the US, hence becoming up to day’s unresolved predicament (Murrin 793).
The Problem
One major problem affecting the US is that of immigration whereby the undocumented end up suppressing social amenities put in place for the recognized populace.  The issue of immigration has been a controversial topic in the US for centuries. It was after the terrorist attack in September 2011 that it gained attention, hence making the call for a solution to illegal migrants direr (Levy 4). The US has put up social amenities that suit the number of its documented populace. The undocumented Mexicans, therefore put stress on these amenities for at they eventually have to rely on them socially despite not involved in taxation. It is critical noting that the taxpayers’ money meets the costs of construction as well as maintenance of these social amenities (“Voices of Youths”).  Most of the immigrants are unskilled thus no many skills needed for the jobs they desire. They, however, end up getting employment because they accept meagre wages. It is sad that they fail to pay taxes and still want to access healthcare, get an education as well as food stamps, which they do not pay for (“Voices of Youths”). In addition, the contribution to social costs whereby since their emergency now in the US there are organized crimes besides other evils including trafficking substances.
Possible Solutions
This major problem needs immediate address.  Possible solutions embrace putting strict warnings to US employers who employ illegal immigrants to work in their houses or in their companies. This will ensure they avoid employing them, hence stop coming to the United States to seek for jobs. To add on, officers at the borders have to be stricter than they are now to ensure immigrants do not come in. Finally, the government can set up a team that will randomly investigate and find out individuals residing as well as working in the US yet they are undocumented.