Artificial Neural Network – Essay Example

The paper "Artificial Neural Network" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies.
The conversion of solar power to energy if well practiced and put into use will most likely affect the usage of fossil fuels and the environment. Solar energy will see a reduction in the use of fossil fuels as a major source of energy. This will come as a benefit to the environment since the fossil fuels have the effect of polluting the environment. The environment will benefit the most if there is the conversion of solar energy since it means little or no fossil use. This will serve to help the consumers avoid perils associated with air pollution and use of fossil fuels. These perils include global warming that may make the climate ineffective as a habitat for human beings and even animals and respiratory diseases caused by inhaling unclean air.
Petroleum-based transportation and coal-fired power plants are economic powerhouses that contribute to the global economy, but they are also the leading sources of air pollution and both produce greenhouse gases and toxins. There is a big concern about climate change because it threatens the well-being of humans and this concern is increasing every day. According to Childress (2011), the world could not switch to solar power and sustain the global economy. However, solar power could contribute to a cleaner environment and a healthy economy
According to the research and analysis of the articles that I have carried out, the argument is that solar power would be beneficial to consumers economically and environmentally. The data does not support the hypothesis to any extent, because solar power would be good for the economy and environment but only as a supplement to other energy sources. Some of the issues and limitations I have found in this study is that it is a new topic and I am unable to collect information that is 100% sound. As time progresses, the capability to provide clean, renewable energy will become more recognized and highly sought after.