Trumps and Casinos – Essay Example

The paper "Trumps and Casinos" is an exceptional example of a marketing essay.
Trump and casinos have gained popularity in the recent past. Although they have been previously associated with the high risks of gambling, they have undergone an evolution to become entertaining centres without losing their original meaning. Notably, these types of businesses have licenses that allow them to offer gambling games on a legal basis. In the past, some societies have been reluctant in allowing these types of businesses within their proximity. This is major because of the negative connotation associated with gambling. However, trump and casinos have adopted new business strategies in a bid to become more marketable. In the modern day, some trump and casinos are providing sporting venues, theme parks, as well as luxurious hotels in addition to the gambling activities. The new services are transforming casinos into exciting entertainment centres. Therefore, they have registered a higher number of visitors than in the past. Notably, modern casinos offer something for the entire family. Some have advanced to the level of providing venues for boxing matches and marriage ceremonies (Kilby, Fox, and Lucas 110).
In my opinion, trump and casinos are business types that can bring forth remarkable revenue that can be used in developing communities where they are located. However, the fear of pathological gambling habits, as well as crime associated with casinos, has been a limiting factor for new ventures in this business. The owners of these businesses need to adopt stringent strategies of ensuring that the law governing gambling is followed strictly. Individuals operating these types of businesses should be prepared to handle any emerging issues before they accelerate to critical social problems. This will ensure that communities can view trump and casinos as acceptable businesses (63).