Occupational Safety Training as a Cost Reduction Strategy in the Construction Industry – Essay Example

This paper "Occupational Safety Training as a Cost Reduction Strategy in the Construction Industry" is a worthy example of an essay in engineering and construction.
Lack of training and inadequate education contributes to work-related accidents and illnesses in the construction industry. Provision of occupational safety training ensures the reduction of work-related accidents. Training is a necessary ongoing process because it reduces costs for the organization and augments employee performance and productivity. Proverbially, prevention is always better than cure. Organizations ought to invest highly in continuous safety training. Adopting an occupational safety training strategy reduces costs for the whole firm since investing in workforce training always yields to high efficiency.
            An injured worker exerts pressure on the productivity of the entire firm since every employee is crucial to the operations of any organization. Identifying the most common workplace hazards should form the fundamental stage in determining training needs (Hunting et al, pp. 356-36). For instance, according to the research, the most common types of accidents are lacerations, followed by sprains and strains, contusions and eye injuries. Next is to identify how these accidents happen to allow application of preventive measures. In the long term, there are more benefits in recurrent occupational safety training.
            According to the research, there is an over-representation of Hispanics and laborers due to poor to lack of any education and language barriers. It is in the best interests of any organization to invest in a total safety culture where employees look out for each other. However, the language barrier can prove problematic in the transfer of training. Use of more signs than words reduces the barrier, as pictures are easier to understand. In other scenarios where there are many Hispanics in the labor force, hiring a translation company makes training easier.  Effective occupational safety training is both a necessity as well as a requirement.