Writing Today by Richard Sheehan – Essay Example

The paper "Writing Today by Richard Sheehan" is a great example of a literature essay. Chapter ten of Writing Today second edition by Richard Sheehan, generally explains to students how to turn their writing skills into careers.  By teaching different kinds of writing skills in analysis, reports and proposals with good strategies like narration, comparison and formation of good arguments. This text also provides the writer with tools they can mix and match as needed to respond effectively to many writing situations. For instance, we have an example of a student’s written work where the student mainly argues the validity of having guns in school as a means of actually preventing shootings, rape and other vices that happen in school.
Chapter ten gives students an overview of how to invent and initiate an argument. This is where the idea to be talked about is presented and looked upon. Organisation and drafting of the argument then follow, in this stage the argument that has been invented is organized and drafted to suit the writers liking. The writer then goes ahead to choose the appropriate presentation style of the argument, the presentation can be done in many different ways according to the genre that the writer chooses and with the intention of the writer, this might also differ according to the different audience that the piece is to be presented. The following stage is where the writer designs the argument according to the intention of the piece, the design actually matters so much since it is from this that the argument will be put across. The particular message of the argument will also form a critical part of the design since it encompasses the writers’ actual meaning of the particular piece.
The final stage is where the writer revises and edits the argument that has been formed. This is done in order to ensure that the argument formed actually coincides with the actual intention of the writer and is important since it ensures perfection of the piece and also its presentation. The interactive writing style that this piece depicts works well with today’s students since they learn by doing, the book also offers a good up to date guide to argument organization and presentation of that argument.