Response to Intervention Model – Essay Example

The paper "Response to Intervention Model" is an exceptional example of an educational essay. 
As shown in the student profile of Jasmine, she has been given several tests already to test her skills in reading, vocabulary, math and writing.  She has been given the district and state assessment tests in reading.  To test her vocabulary, she was given a closed passage assessment, an oral language sample of classroom discussion and a written language sample from social studies.  Her writing skills were assessed using the world studies written language sample.  Her math assessment was done through the On a Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching and Technology (FASTT) Math pre-assessment.  To further test her math skills, Units 1 and 2 summative assessments were conducted on her.  All these tests were done for a period of one year from January 2009 to January 2010.  In the sample RTI model discussed by the Council for Exceptional Children, it is suggested that the assessments should be regularly done and should be within the first month of the first grading period (2011).  In Jasmine’s case, the tests were not given at the start of the school year and it was repeated only after a year.  If the tests were done during the first grading period, early intervention should have been employed immediately; thus, results of the assessments at the end of the year may have been more favorable.
Tier 2: Targeted Interventions Based on the results of the tests taken by Jasmine, one thinks that she should move to Tier 2.  As a fourth grade student, her reading level is only for a grade two student.  Although her vocabulary is her strength, she lacks the skills in drawing conclusions and making inferences from readings given to her.  Her spelling level is only that of a first or second grader, way below her actual grade level. Her math problem-solving skills are strong but she is weak in math-computation skills.  These results lead one to conclude that a more intensive intervention should be provided to her in a small group setting.  A 30-minute three times a week intervention session would greatly benefit Jasmine.
Tier 3: Intensive Interventions and Comprehensive Evaluation If despite the transfer of Jasmine to Tier 2, she still cannot cope with what is expected of her for her grade level, then she should move on to Tier 3.  In this tier, Jasmine will be given individualized and intensive intervention to address her deficiency in reading, math and spelling.  Aside from the intervention, it is also necessary that the teachers closely monitor her progress.  The assessments should be done on a short, regular basis.  If despite these interventions, Jasmine fails to meet targets, then she should be referred to a special education class already.