The Social Structure by Brown – Essay Example

The paper "The Social Structure by Brown" is an excellent example of an anthropology essay.
The social structure by Brown explains about the social atmosphere of a society and the relationship people share among themselves. ( Brown). The social structure, therefore, has to be described by the institutions which define the proper expected conduct of a person in their various relationships. The reading suggests that gender, race and physical appearance decides the position of a person in the society. In Indian society, black people are low caste while white-skinned are high class. In Africa, women are considered inferior and subservient to men. (Gluckman ) Thus the standardized belief and practice of the Zulu stressed the social subordination and inherent ambivalent position of women. The men have designed the social structure of a society by his dominion nature ( Thesis).
The society of Asia is highly prejudiced and they are ignorant when it comes to human rights and values. The society is divided based on physical appearance, profession and attitude of people. Women have an inferior position in society and men dominate the social authority. The social relationship takes a pattern of master and slave, high class and low class, touchable and untouchables. Both these reading reflect how men decide the value of people in a society. The reading talks about the social relationships in Asia and Africa. The religious values, ceremonies and rituals have more value than human relations in the Eastern part of the world. Social tension, conflict and dominance mark the characteristics of a society. The readings suggest that social order has a division of rights and duties which is a fact.