The New Face of Terror – Essay Example

The paper "The New Face of Terror" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics. The growth of the Al-Qaeda and terrorism is worrying because it has come to a point that there are questions of the rules of war and whether they are just or not in relation to dealing with terrorism. This group has not only created chaos internationally, but it has also inflicted fear all over the world. The rate at which the jihadist groups are growing are not surprising because the Islamic countries have allowed them to air their ideologies in the  internet, the television and any other media services they can get a hold of to spread their inciting political ideologies  (The Economist). It is clear that no relationship can be created between the United States and the Arab countries because they are out for blood, especially after the demise of their leaders. Today, terrorism is worse than when their leader was Osama Bin Laden was alive this is because their funding has increased, and they are reaching out even to young children who are taking Madrassa. This shows that their network is increasing everyday making them more dangerous and cutting their roots will be a big problem. The interesting thing about the article is how President Bush and now President Obama have different perspectives when it comes to dealing with the Al-Qaeda. President Bush was focused on destroying the jihadist groups and ensuring that their network remained dead by placing troops in Afghanistan. However, for President Obama his view of dealing with the issue was having a relationship with the Arab countries, which have now, lead to the growth of the terrorist groups as they have access to the western world. The recent attacks killed 12 people at France’s Charlie Hebdo have indicated as much. Therefore, although the governments are trying their best to put down the terrorist groups they are becoming resistant and strong each day.