TCP/IP Configuring Routes – Essay Example

This paper "TCP/IP Configuring Routes" is a valuable example of an essay in design&technology.
The paper discusses the experience we went through while configuring routes, TCP/IP and troubleshooting them. Routing protocols are normally based on simple literature, configuring routes, and troubleshooting TCP/IP to make them function efficiently and correctly was a difficult experience for me. Configuring windows server to function as a router in a realistic scenario was almost impossible. Simulations of routings considered to be large scale were too complex to configure or too simple in predicting that limitations that are encountered on real networks.  Larger scale testbeds rarely exist thus monitoring their protocol and configuring IP utility in the production system was very difficult. Other than providing complementary outcomes from the lab experiment, the work introduced other issues like demonstrating the utility of TRACERT. Additionally, after configuring TCP/IP some network communication problems like failing to connect to an IP address, NetBIOS name, and specific host was experienced. We later realized that the problem was as a result of basic connectivity and problems in naming the resolution. It was realized when the IP/TCP setting was incorrect, communication problems arose and this was mitigated through examining the Event Viewer system, TCP/IP entry, or even DHCP. Most of the problems were solved through a validation process on the IP address. The errors during the experiment helped us to provide a detailed analysis of the sources and various specific anomalies. The anomalies experienced surprising trends that produced notable effects in our lab experiment. These anomalies accounted for various periods of instability by routers and individual links.