Geranium Extracts Inhibit HIV-1 – Essay Example

The paper "Geranium Extracts Inhibit HIV-1" is an outstanding example of a biology essay.
I have selected “Geranium extracts inhibit HIV-1” as the most recent news story that caught my attention. The news story describes the use of a Geranium plant to reduce the impact of HIV-1. As, HIV-1, decreases the immunity of the patient towards diseases. Geranium plant extract is tested to prevent the HIV-1 cells from spreading.
The medicine is extracted from the roots of the plant that is medically named as “Pelargonium Sidoides (PS) that is rich in the active compound that stops the HIV-1 particles to replicate thus making the immune system strong and prevent it from being infected from HIV-1. The medicine is thus anti-viral in nature; however, it is unable to fully kill the HIV-1 particles. The medicine is given many clinical trials and it proved to be effective in every trial. As the number of HIV-1 particles increases, the lack of immunity causes an untreatable illness commonly named as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
German pharmacists recognize the medicine as the herbal medicine that is advised to treat acute bronchitis. Brack-Werner, who is the research leader, argues that the medicine is the most effective medicine against HIV-1. It neither needs refrigeration nor requires special conditions. It is a natural medicine and thus has no or side effects. The PS medicine can be easily grown and increase the resources to treat HIV-1.


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