Kurdistan Iraq – Essay Example

The paper "Kurdistan Iraq" is an exceptional example of an essay in social science.
In as much as the study on Kurdistan is actually brief, the author demonstrates a thorough homework on the Kurdish people not only in Iraq but also in Iran, Syria and Turkey. The elaboration by the author is vast and interesting. Personally, I found the Kurdish ethnic group amazing since it forms the biggest ethnic group not only in Iraq but also in the other countries such as Syria, Turkey and Iran. However, the big question is how the Kurdistan ethnic group is marginalized in as much as its one of the biggest ethnic communities in the four countries. In as much as the author claims that Iraq Kurdistan has a favourable relationship with its government, I fail to agree with this thinking. The fact that the Iraq Kurdistan occupies several senior positions in the Iraqi government means that they have a constraint relationship with the Iraq government. The author fails to give a clear picture of what really is happening on the ground.
There is a clear emphasis on the turbulent Kurdish-Iraq history by the author. This point makes a lot of sense since the history between the two parties has been ongoing over the years. The author clearly demonstrates on this issue extensively not forgetting to mention the suppression aspect that the Kurd minorities have gone through under the Saddam regime. The Saddam regime can never go without being mentioned especially with the Kurdistan in the picture. There is also the fear aspect spilling across the regional borders because of the ongoing conflict and the Kurdish worker's conflict, but in this case in Turkey. This issue is also clearly brought out by the author.