US-Yemen Relationship – Essay Example

The paper "US-Yemen Relationship" is a wonderful example of an essay in social science.
I wholly concur with you regarding the US-Yemen relationship, which is mostly fiscal that up to date has ensured varied regimes rule the state for long years. This is based on the support they normally receive from the US as you have agreeably relayed in your text. I also concur with you regarding the present challenge, which Yemen is experiencing terrorism that has prompted the state to bear significant divisions among its people. This is because many of the segregated people especially those residing in rural regions have turned out to be the sympathizers of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The reason cited to have contributed to the situation that has yielded to the rural sympathizers of AQAP was due to the US clueless air strikes while hunting terrorists and supported by unyielding as well as failing government of the day. The incapability by the Yemen regime is in terms of not being able to cater adequately what the rural AQAP sympathizers expect from it, hence joining the enemy’s side.
Based on Gulf States’ prowess in managing their internal disputes, I agree with you this act really pleased the US. This is despite having problems with the balance of power in the region as the ruling minority Sunnis govern the shea. Hence, ensure Bahrain enjoy a stable environment, which has denied shea marshalling the necessary support in the region and overcome the Sunnis. Additionally, I do concur with you that the relationship evident between US and Bahrain is solely symbiotic for the tow states only strive to safeguard their respective interests. The US, in this case, its interests encompass curbing terrorism besides ensuring adequate implementation of strategic interests in the region against Iran. Similarly, Bahrain strives in seeing Iran does not have an upper hand of it but remain to have adequate and guaranteed security from the US against its enemy. Due to the evidence of this symbiotic relationship, some people have contended US has infringed fundamental human rights, which I totally agree as you have relayed in your text.