The Role of Nursing in Palliative Care – Essay Example

The paper "The Role of Nursing in Palliative Care" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing.
Palliative Care: Palliative nursing is considered as an appraisal, investigation as well as management of human reactions to concrete or life-enduring ill health within the perspective of a dynamic compassionate association with the patient and family to facilitate a reduction in suffering and enhance the functionality of patient. The advent of genomics and geriatric studies in medical science necessitates the discernment of genetics in nursing.
Risk associated with the nursing role in palliative care: Nurses providing palliative care witness, physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual intricacies, since the complexity as well as nature of end-of-life experiences practical legal and ethical issues encompassing uncertainties or divergence issues may result owing to diagnosis or prognosis issues, objectives of care, maintenance or non-maintenance of life-supporting cure, denial of treatment, managing pain, donation of organ, palliative sedation (Muller-Busch et al., 2003) as well as considering the request for euthanasia (Schwarz, 1999). Moreover, the present era is the age of genomics, a profound understanding of genetics is imperative to integrate into nursing practice; deficit in knowledge may bring jeopardy in practice and patient management ((Brinkman-Stoppelenburg et al., 2014). Research carried out by Coleman et al., (2014) reveals that 95 per cent of nurses agreed to have a sound understanding of genomics to identify the history of at-risk families.
The patient requirement of palliative care: The philosophy behind the palliative care is to enhance the quality of life of the patient under the condition when the patient is suffering from incurable disease. It is a comprehensive management of social, spiritual, psychological and personal requirements (Paulus, n.d.).
Appropriate and Inappropriate practices in nursing care: Ethical concerns Ethics is considered as the vital component of nursing. Nursing profession directly implicates welfare of sick, prevention of suffering, promotion, protection as well as restoration of health. Individual associated with the profession are expected to adhere to the norms and morals of the profession. The ethical aspects of the profession are enduring, self-reflective and distinctive (Web. Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements, 2010).