Get It Done Office Pros: SWOT Analysis – Essay Example

The paper "Get It Done Office Pros: SWOT Analysis" is an exceptional example of a marketing essay.
Get It Done Office Pros is company specialized in office cleaning and relates sanitary services. The challenges, strengths, threats and opportunity for the company is diverse based on the focus area. The company is based in Columbus Georgia and operates with the area exclusively. The major service offered by the company is cleaning. The Mission of the company is to provide one-stop cleaning services and property. The focus of the company is office cleaning and not residential cleaning.
The strength of the company is on the long trajectory in the market because it is the longest serving company in the category. In addition, the company has employed skilled staff with two years or more experience in the service. It has also established a brand presence in the city by taking up a majority of cleaning contracts. It is currently a market leader in the city with a low rate for their service. The weaknesses of the company include lack of capital and use of old stuff making the work hard for the workers.
In addition, the training process for new employees is short which leads to gaps in services delivery. The opportunities include increased outsourcing of cleaning services by firms. Outsourcing of the janitorial services is considered effective in cost reduction (Boone & Kurtz, 2011, p. 63). The threats of the company are the invasion of the cleaning services by companies with massive investment in the sector.
The pricing strategy of the company is simply because it is based on the office area to be cleaned or the work area. The strategy ensures that the company can make a profit and reduce over-reliance on market survey in pricing (Finskud, 2009, p. 32). The success of the company is based on the simplicity of the pricing strategy.