Social Justice in Healthcare System – Essay Example

The paper "Social Justice in Healthcare System" is a worthy example of an essay on health studies&medicine.
Social justice constitutes the greatest challenge faced by healthcare systems across the world. Social justice has made its way into the healthcare through the field of bioethics. The most common topics of discussion include affordable access to quality health care, particularly of the low-income households and families. The discussion concerning social justice in healthcare also involves the question of whether the society should bear healthcare costs for low-income households and whether the world marketplace has the potential for dealing with social justice in healthcare settings.
Just health is considered the primary milestone for meeting people’s healthcare needs with fairness. Understanding justice requirements for health is founded on a proper address of special moral importance of health, comprehending indicators of inequalities, striving to meet health needs in constrained environments fairly. World Health Organization believes that there are solutions for social justice in healthcare provided the disparities are eliminated and services are made available to people at affordable prices. Social justice in health can help build beneficial relationships and cooperative schemes that underpin justice obligations towards the societal members (WHO, 2014).
The goals of healthcare are set out in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Achieving the goal of the health of health constitutes a collective responsibility for healthcare agencies, governments, and social organisations. The agencies have the responsibility of helping the government identify areas that need attention due to the prevalence of certain diseases (WHO, 2014). Governments provide the required finances for research, medicine, and building healthcare centres. The primary role of social organisations is to assist both health care agencies and the governments deal with health issues within their jurisdictions. This implies that all governments, agencies and communities must collectively participate towards achieving the goals of healthcare.