Greek Methodology – Essay Example

The paper "Greek Methodology" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.
Modern society thinks of itself as having evolved past ancestors, but that is not true since people are still interested in Greek methodology. This is a fact since if the Greeks were around they would find that our lives and theirs are rather similar. Several aspects of Greek life are related to our lives. They include falling in love, jealousy and we all share the same emotional responses. Moreover, we find excitement in the extraordinary and imaginary aspects of life that we do not understand.
Most fraternities, base their ideologies on the Greek methodology. The Greek way of life was interesting since they were a civilized society, fraternities are a place to socialize and experience firsthand how the Greeks lived together in harmony. Fraternities were introduced in colleges and universities to help students gain better and healthier social skills. This is because different fraternities have different ideologies. Being part of a fraternity has its advantages. They include gaining from tradition. Most sororities and fraternities have stood the test of time and have a large alumnus who poses as an inspiration to the younger generation. This inspires them to work harder and one-day hope to join the long history of the fraternity. Fraternities and sororities also help build individual character, better leaders and more socially and economically active citizens (DeBard, 16).
The Greek way of life has a positive influence on moral development, and students within a fraternity or a sorority spend more time participating in extracurricular activities than the students. This is true since members of both fraternities and sororities make up larger percentages of the teams in university and college (Perkins, 69). Since sororities and fraternities consist of individuals of different racial and sexual orientation, the atmosphere is conducive for them to get along with one another since nobody passes judgment upon him or her. So I am of the opinion that Greek life is important and should be practised since it provides for a better society.