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Synopsis Synopsis Use Culture to Pave the Way for Change is an article written by Aguirre et. Al on the vitality and efficacy of empowering and motivating employees using cultural diversity (2014). According to the authors, this innovative strategy continues to portray unsurpassed success in JetBlue as its employees make decisions independently but with core focus remaining on the value of their business and clientele. Such global influence continues to foster broader cultural diversity at work places as more managers acknowledge the essence of corporate culture in the business world. With this regard, learning leaders are tasked with the obligation of ensuring that they understand and subsequently enforce positive cultural diversity hence fostering progressive organizational change (Aguirre et. Al, 2014).
From my perspective the adoption of this strategy will not only diversify the staff of the various companies, but additionally it will ensure that these companies are able to attract more customers irrespective of their cultural backgrounds. More importantly, they will have the required resources and manpower to provide exceptional services.
Merric and O’Brian seek to solve the quandary that seems to be facing most companies today, which is the better approach to triggering the best result, mentoring or coaching (2014). According to them mentoring plays a better role because it goes beyond training the junior employees and taps into their inner potential making them better decision makers in the future. Furthermore, mentoring allows the juniors to learn from the seniors more than just work-related aspects but also essential skills such as listening and creative thinking (Merric & O’Brian, 2014).
This article not only offers the long awaited solution to solving the talent deterioration disparity, but additionally gives insight both to the seniors and juniors on how to incessantly improve their performance. In the end, mentorship will play a vital role in the establishment and sustenance of positive result in organizations globally.
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