Human Relations Writing Assignment 3 College Can Be An Extremely Stress-filled Time In A Persons – Essay Example

Full Coping with Stress in College Life Enrolling in college is just like entering the college of ‘real life’ because itis a time when one faces many obstacles but has to face them all. It is a difficult time in a person’s life because one moves on from being dependent on the help of his parents to being responsible for all his needs. The demands of college life are not the only things an individual struggles with but includes other things such as thinking about work and family. A person may always find it difficult to juggle the necessity to have time for himself, attend classes, go to work and meet family expectations. However, one will always find out that it is only in facing these challenges that he would be able to overcome them. Avoiding them is not a remedy but it actually adds to the problems because the challenges will somehow find their way back. Difficulties met in college are a lot different because I feel more responsible and concerned about the consequences of my actions. I understand that standing on my own is not far from me now and this really makes things more difficult. I may have encountered difficulties in the past but they were not as enormous as the ones I am encountering now because I always had my parents on the rescue. Nowadays, when I have problems, I have to face them on my own without informing my parents. I have to work hard and study hard because I know that diligence, perseverance and persistence in the midst of hardships are what mold me to better my life. Whenever I feel like giving up, I reward myself with a time to rest or even have a massage. I also cope with stress by thinking of my rewards I give myself.