Role of HRD Professionals in Individual Development – Essay Example

The paper "Role of HRD Professionals in Individual Development" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources.
Human Resource Department (HRD) professionals have several roles to play when it comes to individual development in an organization. Out of these roles, increasing employee skills is perhaps the most important. This is due to the fact that in the current dynamic and unpredictable environment, the skills of the workers are dependent on the department (Gilley, England & Gilley, 2002). The activities of the HR team and professionals should, therefore, be geared towards paving way for future sustainability, while at the same time enabling the workers to handle the challenges in the competitive world. This role is only effective when the employer has a lot of interest in developing the skills of his workers. Gilley, England & Gilley (2002) note that this role helps businesses identify employee deficiency and the associated skill gaps at the various levels of employment. From this, the HR team will be able to predict the long-term requirements of the organization and come up with the best strategies for attaining the goals by imparting the right skills.
The importance of this role also comes out when one considers the fact that skills are either inborn or acquired over time. For employees to acquire skills, they have to attend training that is aligned with the corporate goals and strategies of that particular business. For this to be possible, the HR professionals must come in to identify the skill gaps, learning potentials and balance the training tasks (Gilley, England & Gilley, 2002). This goes a long way in ensuring that the enterprise has the right kind of employees to remain competitive and profitable.