How Do Communities Change Over Time – Essay Example

The paper "How Do Communities Change Over Time" is an exceptional example of an essay on environmental studies.
The community is an institution, which experiences changes over time. Over the course of time, if a person travels to any location whether grassland, local forest, park, or an abandoned farm, they are likely to detect changes to the organism, whether people or animals found within the community. Some new plants could be seen as the disappearance of others is evident as well as animal life (Wilson and Richards 35). Human beings have, for over a thousand years, exploited this principle of changes within a society. For instance, humans have promoted the population of certain animal and plant species for their benefit. Humans have, further, been able to identify the mechanisms of these changes and developed general principles in the attempt to explain the changes. The change in the composition and structure of a community over time is referred to as succession (Wilson and Richards 24).
There are several factors that are responsible for changes in a community. For instance, as far as plants and some animals are concerned, it is arguable that climatic changes are responsible. Climatic conditions have been changing over time as a result of man’s activities (Wilson and Richards 100). The climate highly dictates which plant or animal specials to survive in a given location. The community is also undergoing changes as far as human beings are concerned. For instance, the advancements in technology have highly influenced man’s behaviour in the community (Wilson and Richards 85). Technologies such as the invention of computers, advances in education, and medicine have had a noteworthy impact as far as changes in the community are concerned. People’s standards of living have changed greatly, a significant change within the community.
It is possible to relate changes in a community with issues of everyday life. For instance, people are able to communicate over large distances by the use of computers and cell phones, a practice that was not in the community 100 years ago. Moreover, the cure for some diseases that were initially known as the terminal has been created. In addition to this, formal education, which was not a characteristic of ancient education systems, has resulted in advances in the standards of living.