How Are Online Technologies Changing The Way We Live – Essay Example

The paper “How Are Online Technologies Changing The Way We Live?” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology.
The modern era is characterized by the presence and subsequent dominance of the electronic devices in all our surroundings. As a result of this, it has brought about significant change in our live styles and has given a new shape to different things. The conventional real-world scenarios have been transformed and transmitted into electronic versions of the previously otherwise hard form sources. The usage of electronic books is one of the basic examples. It has led to empty libraries and introduced the concept of electronic libraries and e-store. Amazon perhaps contains more books than a local bookstore would in a given city. The other online repository of digital books is another example.
According to April McCormick, the presence and influence of digital devices and technology are so evident that the previously conventional nanny’s task is being performed by the various variety of the applications that are available on the array of electronic gadgets that are currently present in the markets (McCormick, 2013). The usage of solar run vehicles and other digital means of communication such as the bullet train are a few of the many gifts that we see in our surroundings. As a result of all the inventions, the tasks that would otherwise take days and hours are now mattered of minutes (Wachanga, 2011).
Apart from these few applications, the concept of virtual friends, the social networking sites, all are gifts of the modern day technology. They have brought about a change in the definition of various concepts that were otherwise previously known for simple existence in the human lifestyle.