SWOT Analysis for the Home Depot Inc – Essay Example

The paper "SWOT Analysis for the Home Depot Inc" is a wonderful example of a management essay. SWOT analysis explores the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. The following represents the SWOT analysis of Home Depot Inc, a retailer Company that deals with home-improvement products in America.
One of the main strengths of Home Depot is their operation of several stores. Home Depot Inc has 2432 stores that enable them to reach out to an extensive market area. In addition, the company has the strength of a decentralized culture of management. Similarly, the company offers a variety of products to its consumers. In addition, the company has high revenue of $ 91 billion (Edward 1).
Despite its strengths, Home Depot Inc. has a myriad of weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses of Home Depot is low customer satisfaction. The company faces a challenge of lack of modernity. Similarly, Home Depot Inc has had a flat stock price. The flat stock price reduces the company's profits (Edward 1).
It is also important to note that Home Depot Company has various Opportunities. First, it has acquired Home Way Company and other retail companies in Mexico. The acquisition of these companies is an opportunity for a wider market base. Equally, the company's International expansions in the 1990s provide it with an opportunity to enlarge its territory. 
Reversely, Home Depot Inc. has threats that hinder its growth and success. One of the threats was hiring of a CEO, Nardeli, who had no experience in retail business. Moreover, the delay of CEO, Blake, to announce the growth strategy gave the company a bad relationship with its shareholders. In addition, the exit of 29 of the 34 top executives at Home Depot Inc also threatened to cripple its operations (Edward 1).