Origin and History of Surname Vasquez – Essay Example

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Vasquez was initially a Galician (ethnic group, whose ancestral land is Galicia, North-western Spain.) name used in many Spanish-speaking lands. The name was also common among Portuguese-speaking people where Vasquez takes the common form of Vasco. Generally, Vasquez means “son of”. Thus, in essence, Vasquez is a Spanish name with Basque origins, which have been traced to have been recorded in other forms such as Belasco, de Belasco, Velasco, de Velasco, Vazquez, Velazquez, and other Portuguese forms such as Vasquez and Vaz. Although formerly assumed to be a nickname, Vasquez has been shown to exist in historical recordings with the preposition "de", which means “of or from” (Name Origin Research 1). These discoveries have given the surname a meaning and an origin hence it is believed to have developed from the 7th-century words "vela or bela" for a crow (Name Origin Research 1). It was thus given to people with the characteristics of a fierce bird. However, the robust nature of the Medieval humour could imply that the name had quite different meanings, depending on the region and translations used. The rich origin of the name is also evident in the many famous people such as artists who bore the name. An example of these artists is Diego da Silva Velasquez, who painted the famous Velasquez nude (Rokeby Venus) in 1658 (Name Origin Research 1). The other sense of the surname Vasquez include “shepherd”, "son of Vasco”, and “from the Basque country” (Name Origin Research 1).