Health Aging Brain Written by Desai Abhilash – Essay Example

The paper "Health Aging Brain Written by Desai Abhilash" is a worthy example of an essay on health studies&medicine. The article Health aging brain Written by Desai Abhilash K. (2010) published by Saunders gives us a history related to sleeping effects related to human beings. In general, sleep is essential to human beings. The negative effects associated with not having adequate sleeping time are sluggish learning memory, low productivity, and brain damage. Different sleeping disorders and deprivations have been discovered but many have remained undiagnosed. The article shows us that sleep is essential in many ways such as improving learning capability, preventing memory loss, increases the level of creativity, problem-solving skills and emotional brain reactivity. Thus, there is the need for physicians to increase awareness to prevent sleep-related disorders. Analysis of the article This article provides us with an idea of where we are and where we would like to be. Treatment and avoidance of sleeping disorders is key at this point. The information in the article is essential since sleep means data holding, high performance, and proper encoding of messages. Cozolino (2008) and Bendheim (2009) to support the idea have done other researches on the same. However, opposing authors like Horstman (2012) have differed views.  A lot needs to be done on this topic as there are still relevant questions not yet answered like sleep in old adults and different sleeping disorders should be explored fully.
Reflection of the article The article is of good concern as many economies look for 24 hours operations meaning longer hours of work especially to young generations. Sleep is essential and we have to take control measures of the sleeping disorders that come along the way. I was able to learn more sleep disorders that I was not aware of, different treatments, sleep effects, and research gaps in the article. The article was essential in making marginal notes, as I had to pick the key issues within which were useful in analyzing the article. With my chosen career as health promotion, I see this as a great step to solving problems within the health field.