Guillain-Barr Syndrome – Essay Example

The paper "Guillain-Barr Syndrome" is an exceptional example of an essay on nursing.
Guillain-Barre Syndrome is an autoimmune-mediated condition that has been the core causative agent of acute flaccid paralysis among the children below 15 years. The two research articles seek to expound more on GBS and scientific analytical concepts on its diagnosis. The first research article establishes the electrophysiological patterns and antiganglioside antibodies among the pediatric populations. It is critical to note that the researchers lack primary information of comparison, in that no prior research has been done previously in relation to the Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) among the paediatrics. Therefore, the question of reliability of research would set in. Reliability entails yielding similar results should the research be conducted with a similar group of people. Essentially, the research is reliable, as the methods are chosen by the researcher to sample the population, and the performance of the trials was valid and yielded scientific evidence. The researchers found out that AMAN subtype of antibody did account for the greatest significant proportion of the pediatric GBS. Most significantly, diarrhoeas and specific antiganglioside antibodies accompanied it. Children did recover from GBS despite the subtype. It is a level one research, since the researchers are being guided by their hypothesis, and set up a research to justify their hypothesis. Additionally, there exists no theory and statistics leading to the limelight of the research being conducted. Findings from such research may be useful for confirmation in level two (Karman et al., n.d., 2011).
In the research regarding the atypical findings of GBS in children, the researchers performed a retrospective study where thirty-three patients are sampled. Physical examination findings form a very important code in the process of diagnosing the condition; hence, one must have a clear picture of how the condition presents clinically. The patients had previous symptoms of the condition. The retrospective study did indicate that those patients with the condition had the symptoms characterized by localized or regional involvement of both local and regional motor and sensory neurons. In the data collection method, the neurologist did review all the clients and indicated his findings. The researchers did utilize 33 children, 21 males and 12 females in a period of 16 months. The method of data collection and study dictates the high reliability of the results. All the patients had received the care, and data were analyzed. The tool of data collection was consistent and valid. Therefore, the research is highly reliable. It is a level three research since the researchers are trying to determine the trustworthiness of the previous findings (Karimzadeh, Bakhshandeh Bali, Nasehi, Taheri Otaghsara, & Ghofrani, 2012).