Films Task Introduction The films “Indecent Proposal’, “Freedom ” and “You Do Not Know Jacks” are films from dissimilar categories. “ Indecent Proposal” is a romantic movie that revolves love; “You Don’t Know Jack” is a drama movie that talks about a doctor who misuses his medical license, while “Freedom Fighter” is revolves around high school students who are considered overtly dumb.
Indecent Proposal
This romantic movie explores two lovers who are in traumatizing surroundings. This incident happens when the woman is supposed to sleep with a billionaire. The two couples experience moment of confusion when they are offered a billion dollars. If I were in a situation like this, it would be intricate to know whether I would take the money and allow my woman to go ahead with the concurrence, or I would forbid her and sustain her dignity. I think it is good to be honorable and reject the money; simply because dignity cannot be bought by money. When money is received in an easy way, it so happens that it is deficiently consumed. (Indecent proposal, 2008)
You Don’t Know Jack
This is a drama movie where a doctor offers an easy resolution to hopeless patients by coercing them to be suicidal. According to me, this is a depraved action coming from a doctor. If I were the doctor, I would encourage my patients to fight for life despite the severity of the disease. Encouraging suicidal behavior in patients is comparable to committing murder on the doctors’ side. If am the patient, the last thing I would expect to hear from a doctor is that I commit suicide (You Don’t Know Jack, 2010).
Freedom Writers
This drama movie revolves around a teacher who is assigned a class that is considered a class that is not teachable. Consequently, she receives pressure from the school administration, from the students, and from his husband. However, this does not stop her from realizing her aspirations. In life situations people should not give up on something easily, rather, they should have insistence. People should not take challenges as hindering situations, but they should take them as channels for achieving the desired goals (Freedom Writers, 2010)
Movies are mainly for amusement, but they also provide the populace with information and edification. The three movies present dissimilar lessons. The teachings learnt include principality, perseverance, and persistency in all dealings in the societal context.
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