The Great Awakening – Essay Example

The paper "The Great Awakening" is a wonderful example of a history essay.
Enlightenment and the Great Awakening had major effects on the religious beliefs of the American people and this occurred during the time when America was experiencing an economic boom with increasing number of immigrants which helped create more jobs in the plantations that in turn contributed to the economy. While enlightenment challenged religious beliefs and the divine right, the great awakening helped to establish the religious tolerance among the people as America was divided with some following the laws of the great awakening while other refused to accept the religious beliefs of the movement (The Great Awakening, n.d). Enlightenment was based on the reasoning power of mankind and this gave rise to the formation of educational, scientific and political institutions which believed that the greatest gift to mankind was the ability to think and reason. As the movement urged people to think beyond the existence of God and believe in themselves, several new educational, scientific and literary colleges were started during this period of enlightenment (The Great Awakening and Enlightenment, n.d). While this movement challenged the role of god, the great awakening movement which began as a reaction to the enlightenment movement revived the religious purpose and beliefs among the people. This movement was instrumental in reaffirming faith in God and religion and also towards mankind. While the upper class was favored prior to the beginning of the great awakening, ministers who were part of this movement were more democratic in their approach as equality was one of the main agenda of the great awakening movement. This also helped to unite the various colonies within America into one faith. Those who were part of the awakening launched their own schools and colleges which further helped to create a better awareness of religious beliefs and practices (The Great Awakening, n.d). Several sects and denominations among the people were also created by the great awakening (The Great Awakening and Enlightenment, n.d). However, the two movements had a common ground by challenging the authority of the king as it gave priority to the reasoning and thinking abilities of the people.