Aspects of Our Lives Lacking Critical Thinking – Essay Example

The paper "Aspects of Our Lives Lacking Critical Thinking" is a great example of a philosophy essay. Critical thinking is the ability to examine a problem in order to make a rational judgment based on the facts obtained (Elder & Paul, 2013). Critical thinkers comprehend all the materials found in a set of ideas in order to obtain a vivid summary. The best thinkers attribute precision, evaluation and an elaborate conclusion as the ingredient of such affluence. The following illumination espouses aspects of our lives that lack critical thinking. Critical thinking is applied in various ways to solve problems but at times self-centeredness may undermine it as people are rational and may act in ways that will benefit them and they forget to consider others. The introduction of sophisticated technologies such as the internet compels people to refute critical thinking as some or all of the information required is at their disposal (Elder & Paul 2013). Most people interpret various events differently due to the varied perception accrued to each person. The internet and various technologies have come in to make people somewhat lazy and they are unable to use critical thinking to solve even the most minor issues.  Human inability to predict future events leads to varied conclusion derived from multiple views of reasoning thus individuals lack a precise point of reference to their argument. The individuals are limited to establish a profound way of thinking as most of the information is not in their scope. Individuals lack an opportunity to evaluate the true nature of an issue to make a logical conclusion when the words used are ambiguous or do not reflect the intended meaning (Elder & Paul, 2013). Once individuals learn how to approach and solve an argument through evaluating its characteristics and source of information, the individual provides solutions to the intricate aspects of their lives and arrive at solutions that will solve the issues at hand.