Environmental Law and Leveraging Greenness – Essay Example

The paper "Environmental Law and Leveraging Greenness" is an outstanding example of a law essay.
The environmental law concerns issues that relate to environmental protection against some practices such as soil erosion, water and air pollution (Bell, McGillivray & Pedersen 3). This paper describes a business owner’s/executive’s obligation to do more for the environment than what the law requires. In addition, the paper summarizes the value of knowing about environmental law and discusses the ways a company can benefit from making customers aware of environmental laws.
As mention above, the environmental law covers the aspects of environmental pollution, conservation, remedies to pollution and human practices. Business/ executive owner’s obligation is to ensure that they abide by the laws in conducting their businesses in order to protect the environment. However, they are expected to show more commitment than what the law requires. This is evident through the control and disposal of harmful substances that are emitted by the company doing the business for the purpose of reducing air, water, and even soil pollution. Disposal includes creating sewerage to dispose of wastes and collection of non-biodegradable materials. There is value for everyone to have knowledge about environmental law in that one can be able to abide by the laws and prevent ignorant pollution of the environment and to understand that there are consequences if they break the laws (Vogel 11).
Moreover, there are ways that a company could benefit from making customers more aware of environmental laws. These include collecting and recycling used materials like plastic bags and containers which the consumers disposed of in their preserved bins and reuse again. This method has been witnessed to be effective in several companies. An example being Hampshire yogurt maker which recorded the highest number of used plastic packets of yogurt of about eleven million which were then recycled (Esty & Winston 150).
In conclusion, environmental laws have played a vital role in preventing environmental pollutions through its extensive applications in environmental pollution and conservation of resources. Environmental pollutions include water, air, soil pollution and global warming that arise due to human activities.