Determination of Calcium and Chloride in Soils – Essay Example

The paper "Determination of Calcium and Chloride in Soils" is a worthy example of a chemistry essay.
In this experiment, we get to do an analysis of the amount of calcium and chloride that is present in the soil. This is important since it is necessary to determine the concentration gradient of the minerals from their source. Since this is a quantitative lab experiment, there are a number of aspects that are going to be measured. In the measuring, one needs to consider a number of aspects such as: in soil extracts the correct masses and volumes should be recorded and one should not rinse when filtering. This will wash away the chemical components to be tested. To ensure standards, one should weigh precisely, calculate correctly and should not allow evaporation since it might alter the chemical composition of the soil.
While conducting this lab, there are some important terms that one needs to familiarize with:
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry-used to measure the concentration of elements through the use of light wavelength the element absorbs.
Beers law- the amount of light that is absorbed by an element is directly proportional to the concentration of the sample (A = ebc).
Emission spectra-is the degree to which an excited electron releases its energy to obtain the ground state.