Race and Revolution by Gary Nash – Essay Example

The paper "Race and Revolution by Gary Nash" is a wonderful example of a history essay.
Gary Nash in his book, Race and Revolution, critically probes the reason why the American Black people had to wait another 20 years after the American Revolution and Independence, till they gained the real freedom, the freedom from slavery. The review of this book will open with a brief note on the author and what his purpose is in writing this book. The second point to be addressed will be where this book departs from the existing notions about the American Revolution and its failure to abolish slavery. Here a summary of the book will be presented. Then this research work will look into the validity of arguments and evidence that Gary Nash had used to substantiate his theory. Especially, the historicity of the evidence that he has used will be examined. The major themes of the book will be listed and dealt with in the first part of the essay and minor themes will follow the course. Nash’s position on why the revolutionary generation failed to abolish slavery and whether the northern leaders were to be blamed for this will be the major theme of discussion. The economic and individual factors mentioned in the book will also be examined as minor themes. How the book questions conventional beliefs and with how much accuracy will be the central theme of this research paper. The individual cases cited by the author to support his arguments will be analyzed in the background of wider social ambience. The weight of the arguments put forward in the book as against the opposing analyses given by other historians will be considered. The essay would conclude by saying that though the author had resorted to generalizations of individual cases in some parts of his book, as a whole, the book is a bold attempt to venture into the grey areas of history writing. Also, this book will be appreciated as an attempt to give voice to the silent black soldiers of American Independence.