Human Genome Epidemiology – Essay Example

The paper "Human Genome Epidemiology" is a worthy example of an essay on health studies&medicine. The primary professional epidemiology roles entail the design and scientific research conduct and the application of public health in the scientific knowledge (McDonough, 2012). In most cases, it entails reporting research results and the promotion of health in different perspectives (McDonough, 2012). Additionally, epidemiologic research tends to encounter various ethical concerns, which require careful considerations. In most cases, epidemiologic research studies result to generalizable knowledge by explicating the causes of the diseases in question.  In most cases, this is done by the combination of epidemiologic data with other discipline’s information including microbiology and genetics (Khoury, 2004).   The escalating interests in ethical issues when it comes to epidemiological research reflect an important societal public health role and the increase in public interest, especially in health information. Ethical issues and implications in the collection of genetic data in the epidemiologic research can facilitate an efficient planning, implementation, and growth in the epidemiologic research (Betta, 2006). On the other hand, collecting and analyzing some of the genetic data when it comes epidemiologic research can lead to potential harms and risks whereas the use of registry and surveillance data may lead to loss of harms and privacy (Khoury, 2004). This may result in breaching of confidentiality. In most cases, the risks may have secluded possibilities because of some of the steps and procedures taken by the healthcare professionals in safeguarding the confidentiality of patient’s identifiable records (Betta, 2006). Other ethical issues include assessing risks and excessive incentives from the medical fraternity.