The Woodson Foundation – Essay Example

The paper "The Woodson Foundation" is a great example of a management essay.
The Woodson Foundation and the NCPIE mission is to increase parental control. Woodson Foundation believes that when communities are able to drive their own educational methods success will be achieved. This can only be achieved as long as Woodson Foundation will form teams effectively.
Build trust and respect
For the formation of the effective team, Woodson Foundation will need to build trust on the team members, for instance, the executive development team; the NCPIE must have trust to the principal and the teachers.
Be true to your word
Since the purpose of the team is to produce high and quality work, Woodson Foundation management must be as good as their word. This means if NCPIE and PTA promise something they must fulfill it.
Organize a meeting for all employees
To improve the efficiency of teamwork people should meet and know each other. For instance, the Woodson Foundation should invite the team to play a game like a football so that they can be together.
Take advantage of the conflict
Occasional misunderstanding is normal in teams and thus it is important for the management like executive development team, NCPIE, and PTA among others to listen to all sides carefully rather than deciding without listening.
Make hiring a team effort
When hiring staffs, the management together with the team and teachers should discuss what kind of qualification they need since they are going to work together.
Since conflict is normal in teams, it is important for the Woodson Foundation Management to prepare for the resolution where conflict resolution rules are going to be stipulated down and understanding of the situation must be emphasized for both development team and the program team (Fisher 25). Finally, the management must be able to come to an agreement for the attainment of goals. Commitment, hard work and discipline principles must be adhered to by the development team and program team.