A Foundation for Success – Essay Example

The paper "A Foundation for Success" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.   Building a firm foundation for a child should be started early before joining a kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten programs are essential in child social and academic skills. The need for pre-kindergarten programs for young ones is on the rise, and it is essential for members of the school board to view it as a core part for quality education. It is not just a matter of providing pre-kindergarten programs but quality pre-kindergarten programs which beneficial. The quality of the teacher children interaction determines the quality of a pre-kindergarten program. Activities, goals and teaching techniques such as the use of pencil and paper are not appropriate for pre-kindergarten youngsters (Mead, 2008, p.25). Emotionally warm interactions, explicit interactions in key skills, responsive feedback, verbal engagement, and stimulation are a set of high-quality teacher-children interaction. Thus, many teachers working in public school-based programs become required to have a bachelor’s degree and a certificate in early childhood education. For a quality pre-kindergarten program, a class should not have more than twenty students and low ratios of children to adults. (Mead, 2008, p.26) The curriculum should address areas like social and emotional development, language, emerging math skill, and literacy. A high-quality pre-kindergarten program should be accompanied by an appropriate quality kindergarten and an elementary school program to ensure that school drop out rate gets reduced. Pre-Kindergarten programs ensure firm foundations for students. Many states are adopting the program, and it becomes proven that quality pre-kindergarten programs reduce school dropouts and individual education placement. The quality of a pre-kindergarten program become determined by teacher children interaction, a small class size and a curriculum that emphasizes on social and emotional development, literacy, language and emerging math skills. (Mead, 2008, p.28) After the pre-kindergarten program, there should be a well developed high-quality kindergarten and elementary education. A superb quality pre-kindergarten programs return taxpayer money because it aims at reducing crimes, individual education placement and high school dropouts.