United States Of America Constitution – Book Report/Review Example

United s of America Constitution (Book Review/Report) The Founding Fathers The Constitution of the United States
Biography date for Author: The Constitution of the United States does not have a single author. This is similar to most constitutions of democratic nations in the world. However, the authors of the constitution were the Founding Fathers of the country, who are traditionally called Framers. This group of delegates sent by their States consisted of politicians, diplomats, ordinary citizens, jurists, and retired soldiers whose role was to review the Articles of Confederation and effectively formulated the Constitution of the United States.
Synopsis: The first three articles in the constitution of the United States fundamentally separate and establish powers to the legislature, judiciary, and the executive arms of government. The remaining four articles provide a framework for federalism.
Reflection/critique/recommendations: As the country’s Supreme, the constitution’s preamble affirms the power of the people in the laws of the country. In this regard, the constitution’s authors were representatives of the citizens of the United States, and they played they ensured that the Justice, rights of the citizens, and liberty are reaffirmed in the constitution. In effect, this makes the constitution the cornerstone of the country’s democratic process.
Reasons why the book is useful for the course:
1. The Constitution is useful for this course since students will be able to understand the three branches of government, their responsibilities, and the articles informing their formations.
2. The constitution is important since it will enable students identify their civic duties, rights, and liberties as provided for by the constitution.
3. The constitution is also important for the course since students learn about the structures that have supported the democratic process in the US. In line with this, the constitution helps students understand the tenets of good governance and democracy.
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