Time Management, Learning Styles, Planning, OR Goal Setting (Read FULL Directions) – Book Report/Review Example

Time Management Table of Contents Time Management 3 References 4 Time Management The study focused on determining how three variables, ly satisfaction from leisure, the management of time, and stress in academics were interrelated, where the sample population consisted of 249 college students, and the comparisons were made along gender and age lines. Time management as defined in the study consisted of several dimensions. Those dimensions are prioritizing and the establishment of fixed goals; the employment of tools such as task lists, time control, and the establishment of an organized place for work. The findings confirmed differences between men and women and among different age groups. Among the findings are that women were more severely impacted by anxiety and stress due to academics, even as they gender also were found to have time management capabilities/behaviors that were deemed of greater effectiveness in comparison to their male counterparts. In terms of age, seniors as well as junior college students were less affected by stress in comparison to their younger counterparts in the first two years of college. In comparison to satisfaction from leisure, meanwhile, effective time management had a greater mitigating effect on stress from academics, even as men in general derived more benefit from satisfaction from leisure in comparison to women. Making use of multivariate statistics, the finding is that time management, together with satisfaction from leisure as well as anxiety, all correlated with levels of stress in academics. This finding translates to the insight that managing those three variables has potential to manage stress from academics for the population studied (Misra and McKean, 2000).
Misra, R. and McKean, M. (2000). College Students Academic Stress and Its Relation to Their Anxiety, Time Management, and Leisure Satisfaction. American Journal of Health Studies 16 (1). Retrieved from http://www.biomedsearch.com/article/College-students-academic-stress-its/65640245.html