Summrire – Book Report/Review Example

Summary “Exclusive PJH Interview: At close range with Annie Proulx” reports an important interview with Wyoming E. Annie Proulx, whose short story “Brokeback Mountain” celebrated immense fame through its film adaptation in 2005, by the interviewer Matthew Testa and it was published in Planet J H News on December 07, 2005. The first important point that Proulx underlies is that the “Brokeback Mountain” has been one of a number of stories examining rural Western social situations. She also maintains that, unlike the popular thinking, “it is not a story about ‘two cowboys.’ It is a story about two inarticulate, confused Wyoming ranch kids in 1963 who have left home and who find themselves in a personal sexual situation they did not expect, understand nor can manage.” (Testa) According to her, the characters Jack and Ennis are poor ranch kids, ­ autochthonous ­ native, born to the soil, part of the place and their lives are hard in multiple ways. To me, the interview with Annie Proulx has been an important one which offers a clear view of the author of the original story “Brokeback Mountain” and the ideas suggested in the interview helps the readers in better comprehending the story as well as the film.
“Understanding the Complexity of Love in Brokeback Mountain: An Analysis of the Film and Short Story” by Jane Rose and Joanne Urschel is an important book review of the short story by Annie Proulx and it was published in The Journal of Men’s Studies in 2006. According to the authors, upon reading the short story, one cannot help but feel the poignancy of Brokeback Mountain, the tale of two cowboys who form a sexually charged and socially taboo relationship in 1960s Wyoming. They also indicate that “spanning from 1963 to 1983, Proulxs story is set in Wyoming and Texas, a time and place of great social change.” (Rose, and Urschel, 247) Thus, the authors of the article help the readers understand the complexity of love in Brokeback Mountain, though an analysis of the film and short story.
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