Summarize The Chapter – Book Report/Review Example

Article Summary The article d “So You’ve Got a Writing Assignment. Now What?” is a chapter from a book that has been authored by Corrine E. Hinton and in this chapter the author talks about the solution that students can implement if they think that they do not have the skills and ability to work on an assignment provided by the instructor (Hinton 16). The author states that the first step to successfully completing an assignment is that “writing assignment should not incite panic, but it happens” (Hinton 20). This means that when a student is presented with a written assignment, the student should not panic because due to the experience of panic a student fails to think rationally. The second step that the author state is that the student should go over the instructions of the assignment repeatedly. While writing the assignment the student should first identify the audience for which the assignment is being written for. Furthermore the student should focus on the verbs used in the instructions as that will help the student in identifying how to work on the assignment. Furthermore students should work on an assignment in compliance with the purpose for which the assignment has been awarded. The author even provides insight to students regarding how to differentiate and identify whether the assignment they are working on is an argumentative paper or a different form of paper. The student may need to use resources in his/her assignment if the instructions state so. The student should even consult with others such as class mates as well as the instructor if he/she faces difficulty in working on the assignment.
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