Sociology Blog – Book Report/Review Example

Insert Personal Feeling About Specific Topics That Were Presented In The topics presented in (and tackled in thebook’s chapters 10 and 11) leaves me with a lot of concern about the future of the world’s social system and cohesion. Particularly, Jeanne H. Ballantine and Keith A. Roberts rightly acknowledge the many forms of families which have sprung up, including homosexual ones. The source of concern is rooted in upcoming generations’ inability to balance gender relations. This mix-up will be exacerbated by the confusion of children being nurtured in homosexual unions. Due to increasing legislation of same sex marriages, the number of such children will continually grow.
How The Topics Presented In Class Impact As A "Person Of The World"
The topics in chapters 10 and 11 has left me as a person of the world with an unquenchable desire to champion for the welfare of the conventional or traditional family and familism (the focus on the family as the basic societal unit), instead of alternative types of families and individualism (the focus on the individual as the basic societal unit).
How These Topics Impact Social Policies And Laws
The impact of these topics is far reaching. The inclusion of homosexual families into the social mainstream is not only likely to complicate the law on pedophilia, but to also generate social schism within sections of the civil society and even religious organizations. Should individualism win over familism, cases where government policies such as tax allowances are centered on the individual as opposed to an individual’s marital status are likely to abound. Likewise, the shift towards the individual is likely to lead to cultural relativism and thereby making it hard to harmonize individual rights and contraventions on the law (Ibrahim, 275).
Agreeableness with Representations on the Topic
One can only agree with Ballantine and Roberts, seeing that what they address is already a reality that is in the public domain. Alternatives to the traditional model of the family already exist. Likewise, there is no way Ballantine and Roberts can present their work with a slant, given that they intend the book Our Social World to be purely academic.
Appraisals on the Movies and Clips
The clips advance strong arguments and remain thought-provoking for after watching them, a critical thinker must consider the future of the world, in light of the changing gender and sex roles within the context of the family and the society at large.
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