Seminar Paper – Book Report/Review Example

Book review In her book, “Strangers”, Toni Morrison strives to portray how people are stereotyped in judging unfamiliar faces. Toni Morrison is educating us that we should not take strangers out of context by branding our new perception; she puts it clear that strangers “ they are only version of ourselves many of which we have embraced, most of which we wish to protect ourselves from”(pg.70). The author persuades readers that there are essential things that lies within a person and are hardly realized unless we commit ourselves in getting to comprehensively and audaciously know the people we refer as “strangers”.
The essay is informative for it makes us realize that there is more than the language and image that is portrayed by looking at an individual (Morrison, 75). Toni is warning us that it might be easy for us to judge strangers by looking at their appearances or by the way they act before really getting to know them. The author emphasize that "no government agencies to take care of us, we take care of each other"(p. 223). However, the author is failing to accept that strangers are there but factually, not everybody is a stranger. It is not guaranteed that everyone we meet in our lives will mean good for us or will not cause any detriment. The environment and the culture we grow in makes us differ by perception of who is a real stranger and who may not. Hence, it remains a challenging task to persuade someone who has once met a person who acted strangely and make them believe that strangers are nonexistent (Hooks p. 51). Moreover, individuals have failed by lacking to understand themselves thus becoming extremely difficult to understand others hence other people will remain strangers.
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