The House of Psychotic Women – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "The House of Psychotic Women" is an excellent example of a book review on visual arts&film studies.
Neurosis is a psychological disorder that is prevalent in the human population. A major source of neurosis is social anomalies. Kier-la Janisse is a Canadian Journalist and event producer who specializes in horror films. The book “The House of Psychotic Women” is an autobiographical account coupled with an inquiry of films that portrayed female characters with neurotic disorders. The book is roughly divided into two portions. The first half of the book mainly deals with the autobiographical account. Meanwhile, the second portion of the book mainly concentrates on different films that in some way portrayed neurosis in female protagonists.
The book discusses different issues that push women towards neurosis. The autobiographical account deals with the family history and the unfriendly environment that pushed the protagonist of the book towards a neurotic life. Neurosis is caused by unhealthy family relations, obsession, and compulsion. The book elaborates neurosis associated lifestyle and changes that take place in the personality of an individual. Most of the films that are reviewed in the book have a very depressing storyline. This book is written by Kier-la Janisse who holds an expert position in horror films, the purpose of this book is to analyze the neurotic themes that have been pictured during the 1980s and 90s.
Overall this book is thought-provoking; it is helpful for people to understand how relationships become a source of neurosis. Kiera-la has done a good job of propagating her thought and defending her case. This book definitely demands a full-fledged reading.