Reading Response – Book Report/Review Example

Reading Response Berkowitz and Marsiglio have ed an article that explores the issue of gay men in modern society. In this article, the authors investigate social psychology of gay men and the experiences they face with family, procreative and father identities. Further, Berkowitz and Marsiglio explore issues of gay parenting and marriage and the emotions they evoke in modern society (366). Their findings indicate that the procreative consciousness of gay men evolves in the entire life cycle of men and it is shaped by the ruling relations and institutions, which develop assumptions on gay men. Such include negotiations for partners, mothers and other assumptions. A qualitative method, which involved in-depth interviewing, was adopted by the researchers. This method facilitated in gathering information on gay men on how they develop their awareness and procreative consciousness.
From this article, it is fascinating that gay men are able to develop procreative consciousness. This includes the fact that gay men are able to realize their family responsibility of taking care of the children through interaction with other men or lesbian women. As such, the reading provides credible information on the research project in terms of the relationship that parents establish with their children. Thus, even gay men have fathering desires, which imply that they develop the urge of taking care of the children and their families. Hence, the society cannot eliminate gay men since they have a social connection with all members in society.
In class, there is a need to discuss the issue of conventional forms of family life. This is because gay men and lesbians have adopted alternative parenting models across genders and established different gender relations. As such, they should not be considered as part of the parenting and proactive mainstream. Such is based on the fact that they have pursued paths, which represent diversity in family arrangements and practices. Further, there is a need to discuss whether gay men and lesbians should be allowed to take the paths, which they have assumed in modern society.
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