Fingerhut Company – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "Fingerhut Company" is a wonderful example of a book review on social science.
Fingerhut company faces allegations of its competitors and consumers that it takes an advantage of its consumers, they allege that it raises the cash prices of its goods to abnormal prices that offer the company an enormous interest rate. The writer thus takes a case study of the company background information and the procedures that the company undertakes to the server its consumers. The author starts by looking into the background history of the company where he founds out that the company was started on a legal ground and the handing over process to the current Chief Executive producer who is also a socially responsible person. A director is a responsible person since she takes caution of the environment.
According to the writer, these allegations on a high-interest-rate that the company gains from taking the advantage of the consumers of the goods by raising a cash prize is absolute. The writer is right for all the research about the company justifies that the company just uses the normal business techniques in gaining profits for the company. A supporting statement is that there are several companies that provide the alternatives of the goods that Fingerhut company produces at even lower prices, but despite these, the customers still consider Fingerhut company at a terminal point of purchasing their goods. A customer or a consumer has been always not for the prices when the value and quality of the products that a producer provides to him or her are adorable. This is a statement that supports the Fingerhut company by the writer.
It is observable the company consider the essential business techniques and applies them to the consumers, which promotes a highly competitive rate to the other groups despite reducing the cash price of the goods to the consumers.