Mexican Muralists: Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros By Desmond Rochfort – Book Report/Review Example

Your April 20, Mexican Muralists and The Grapes of Wrath There are three important people in Mexican culture. They are the Big Three painters: Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros. They were artists who painted about the usual hardships in a typical life of a Mexican worker. In the words of Desmond Rochfort, ““The murals represent a people’s roots, their ethnicity, their shared sense of origin, in which the examination and re-appropriation of history can focus on the struggles for freedom, liberty, justice and, above all, identity.” Because of their paintings, the artists have instilled and preserved nationalism in the Mexican consciousness.
There is a character in the book by John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath, called Jim Casy. Jim Casy was a preacher but he quit because he “realized” that holiness is not found in the clouds but rather the most divine aspect of humanity is to be found on Earth. Jim Casy became the moral voice of the novel, as well as being the unifier of men and being a martyr at that.
This is interesting to note because these painters were Marxists, and as Marxists, they do not believe in religion. But these artists are very passionate humanists that believe in the power of humanity and their ability to love and change. With these traits, they are very similar to the character of Jim Casy. Like the ex-preacher, they were moral voices in their society, they united the Mexican people through their paintings that focus on their struggles and roots, and even imprisoned for being passionate about their causes, as in the case of Orozco and Siqueiros.
These men proved that religion, albeit powerful, can still be conquered by passion. And like Casy, these painters made the people realize that heaven can be on Earth as they painted their murals and believed in their people.
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