The Concept of Prophet-Hood by Zainab Alwani – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "The Concept of Prophet-Hood by Zainab Alwani" is a great example of a book review on religion and theology. The concept of prophet-hood by Dr Zainab Alwani proffered a brief presentation in the introduction of Islam which started with the original story of Adam in the Qu’ran. From then, Alwani proceeded with stipulating that there were two kinds of divine leaders, to wit: a prophet (Nabi, which brings a revealed message from God) and a messenger (rasool, a messenger with a divinely revealed scripture) (Alwani, 4). Accordingly, five were identified to be given sacred books as revealed by God: Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Mohammed (Alwani, 4). A clearly identified universal message was to worship the one and only God (Allah) and to seek His forgiveness so that He may accord great enjoyment and good for mankind. In this regard, messengers had the obligation to give good news and to warn; to ask no reward from people; and to remain steadfast in one religion, among others. The discourse also discussed the concept of “Istifa” which means that “there are no special skills people may acquire to be qualified as prophets” (Alwani, 8). The prophets were chosen by God from the best of mankind to be his messengers. The presentation also discussed the covenant between God and His messengers. Likewise, Alwani emphasized in his presentation that the prophets are people as perfect role models with a mission for divine revelations, as proclaiming God’s messages, reciting His books and scriptures, for purification and as the perfect examples for mankind. As such, they have been provided by God with miracles and a divine seal to acknowledge their mission and role in life.